Millage Rates

Plumstead Township 2018 millage rate: 14.94 mills

Bucks County 2018 millage rate: 24.45 mills

Central Bucks School District 2017/2018 millage rate: 124.10 mills



4 Responses to Millage Rates

  1. plumsteadtc says:

    You will notice that the millage rate for Plumstead Township has been broken down by budget category. This is so you can see how much of our total tax rate, of 13.25 mills, breaks down into the categories of Fire, Ambulance, Debt Service, Open Space and General Purposes tax

  2. Elizabeth Bunch says:

    This is Extremely helpful!!!

  3. Bill Warner says:

    Where does our money go for debt service and open space?

    • plumsteadtc says:

      Mr. Warner, I have relayed your question onto the Township and here is their reply-
      “The millage related to open space is related to voter-approved referendums relating to both the Township’s open space and parks. The millage related to debt service is for road improvements over the next few years. This millage is considered non-electoral because it was not the result of a referendum.”

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